This Privacy Policy (the “Policy”) governs the manner in which Telling Stone Software, LLC (“Telling Stone”) collects, uses, maintains, and discloses information collected from you in connection with the Telling Stone Software, LLC Software Services Agreement (the “Agreement”) and/or the User Acknowledgement and Agreement (the “Acknowledgment”).


Information Collection

Telling Stone may collect and store information about you and/or your business including your or your business’s name, email address, phone number, mailing address, accounting transaction data, payment or other financial information, aggregate transaction data, customer sales and order information, third-party data, business data, browser data, devices used, technical information about your means of connection to applications, and any other information or data submitted by you or third parties in connection with our Software Services, Storefronts, or other services rendered pursuant to the Agreement (the “Information”).

Information Use

Information collected may be used in connection with or for purposes of providing services to you, your business, and to others, improving services provided to you, your business, or to others, providing notices to you, complying with applicable law, and any other lawful purpose, including protecting the health or safety of you or others, and monitoring and preventing fraudulent or unlawful third-party activity.

Commercial Use of Information

Telling Stone will not sell or share the Information with third parties for any commercial purposes without your consent and express agreement. Telling Stone may, however, use the Information in order to share generic, collective, group, or other non-identifying information about the use of Telling Stone’s products and services as part of commercial transactions with third parties to help Telling Stone improve its products and services or for any other lawful purpose.

Third-Party Service Providers

Telling Stone may use third-party service providers and vendors to assist Telling Stone in providing its products and services to you and others, including, without limitation, services to host Telling Stone’s Software Services, Storefronts, payment processes, and other services pursuant to the Agreement. Telling Stone may also use third-party service providers and vendors to store Information and other data. Any such third parties would have access to your Information for the limited purpose of assisting, as reasonably necessary, Telling Stone in providing Software Services and other services pursuant to the Agreement.

Telling Stone may disclose your Information as Telling Stone reasonably believes is required by court order, governmental directive, or other law, to protect the rights of Telling Stone, or as otherwise allowed pursuant to the Agreement or applicable law.

Information Protection

Telling Stone will retain, protect, and process the Information and underlying or related data using commercially reasonable practices. Although Telling Stone will undertake such efforts to preserve and protect the integrity of the Information, you acknowledge and agree that all security measures have potential risks.

Customer Control of Collected Data

You may decline to provide or submit Information to us, however, some of our Software Services, Storefronts, or other services may not be available to you if you choose not to provide or submit Information. You also have a right to access the Information that we hold (about you) upon reasonable written request.

Updates to our Policy

By entering into the Agreement or the Acknowledgment or by using our products or services, you consent to the collection and use of your Information by us consistent with this Policy and the Agreement. We may change this Policy from time to time, for any reason. Any such changes become effective when posted.

To the extent that this Policy is inconsistent with applicable law, it is the intent of Telling Stone to comply with applicable law. If there is any conflict between any provision of this Policy and applicable law, such applicable law shall prevail; provided, however, that any such conflicting provision in this Policy shall be curtailed and limited only to the extent necessary to bring it within the legal requirements and the remainder of this Policy shall not be affected thereby.