Boomer Scan

Use a mobile device to scan and connect shipments to an exhibitor. Eliminate manual receivers and enjoy substantial material handling labor savings!

Highlights Include:

  • Download event details and an exhibitor list to a mobile device
  • Enter the arriving Carrier details
  • Scan the barcode of shipments and small packages to automatically record the tracking number
  • In desired, take pictures of the shipment(s)
  • Upload into Boomer to automatically create shipments and print receivers with any pictures taken attached to the shipment

Boomer Plan

With Boomer’s Interactive Floor Planner Add-On called BoomerPlan, you can allow your customers to request placement of specific products, such as electrical outlets, internet outlets, or heavier furniture items as part of the storefront checkout process. When a customer orders one or more items that need placement, a diagram becomes part of the checkout process. The user simply drags and drops the items on the floor planner and then continues to checkout process as usual.