As a specialty supplier, your offerings likely become pages that are part of the exhibitor kit for the event. Rather than a manual form, give exhibitors the ability to shop securely online. Instead of a flat black and white form, present your product offerings with images and robust descriptions that communicate their benefit and value. Avoid exposure to credit card fraud by eliminating sensitive information submitted on paper. Once all the orders are ready for fulfillment, simply run the reports you need to complete delivery on the show floor.

Launch a fully customizable storefront directly from your main web site. Your logo. Your colors. Your message. You'll look like you invested heavily to develop a custom-made solution that truly impresses the exhibitor.

An Identity All Your Own

The Storefront looks and feels like an extension of your own web site. Your logo, your colors, your products. Whether you're selling audio visual, food and beverage, flowers, water coolers or lead retrieval systems, take the current PDF product catalog and bring it to life in your very own Boomer Storefront.

Unique and Flexible Store for Each Event

Each event can have its own look and feel, complete with unique product availability and pricing. Setup and publish your events in minutes.

Your Products Presented Your Way

Bring Products to Life

Use images to clearly define a product and set the exhibitor's expectations up front.

Bundle Your Offerings

For products that rely on time sensitive delivery, the shopper is prompted to select dates and times. Products are easily added across multiple days.

While the Storefront is all that matters to the exhibitor, the administration side of Boomer Commerce® is what makes it possible to keep "the lights on" and manage your entire order management process. In fact, when the customer places the order, it's the beginning of an automated workflow that ensures you deliver what the exhibitor requested, right and on time. From product administration to supplier commissions to event analytics, Boomer Admin's got you covered. Even if you receive an order on a manual form, you can enter it in Boomer Admin, process the payment, and send an e-mail confirmation to the customer.

Admin: Your Portal to Complete Event Management

Customizable security roles let you give access just to what each user in your organization needs. Store Administrators can manage product lists, pricing and other storefront configuration options, and admin users can set up and publish events in minutes, run reports.

The Dashboard: Everything You Need to Know

Live statistics tell you everything you need to know about orders for an event such as:

  • How productive is my storefront?
  • When are exhibitors ordering?
  • How many orders has each department received?
  • How many exhibitors have placed orders?
  • What is the average order size?
  • What is the total revenue for this event?
  • You know it all. Instantly.

Exhibitor List Management Was Never Easier

While you may continue to get exhibitor lists in spreadsheets, importing them into Boomer Commerce® is a breeze and accepting updates to the list is easy too. Each exhibitor has a main contact, one or more booth numbers and any number of orders. Exhibitors can be designated a "type" so that special pricing can be offered to show management or VIPs.

View and Manage Order Details

View order details including:

  • Items ordered
  • Payments processed and card on file
  • Notes and attachments
  • Order History

With more than 100 reports with filter and sort flexibility, Boomer has what you need. Operational reports allow you to load and deliver exhibitors' orders, and analyical reports provide insight into revenue pace and production.

Pull/Load List

When you're ready to organize what's been ordered, use the Pull/Load List for quantity counts helpful for loading just what you need.

Delivery by Product

When it's time to deliver what's been ordered, use a printed report like the Delivery by Product so you know the location and count of the items.

Booth Check List

When it's time to deliver what's been ordered, use a printed report like the Delivery by Product so you know the location and count of the items.

Work Orders

Generate work orders to provide to laborers. Each work order provides customer details, what's been ordered, and a signature line for acceptance.

Revenue Summary

Just one example of the kind of analysis Boomer reporting provides, the Revenue Summary report analyzes report counts for a period of time as well as a breakdown of revenue by department.


Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about Boomer for specialty suppliers:

How much does Boomer Commerce® cost?
Boomer Commerce® is priced as an annual subscription fee and varies depending on your annual gross exhibitor services and show management revenues. You should anticipate the price point to be less than one percent of your overall revenues. There is a modest set-up fee to help you organize your products, train users and prepare your store for the Grand Opening, but no large upfront costs.
What hardware or other software is needed?
Nothing except your browser. Boomer Commerce® is fully hosted in a professional colocation environment with a company called FirstLight. There are no additional hosting fees and everything is included in the annual subscription price. Boomer Admin runs best in Internet Explorer 11.0 and above but is compatible with Google Chrome or Safari browsers.
Do you integrate with QuickBooks or other accounting packages?
Since Boomer replaces many of the detailed tasks of an accounting package, such as generating invoices, receipts and accounts receivable reports, integration is not required. Boomer can generate reports which provide summary-level totals you can periodically post into your accounting system for an accurate profit and loss, but for any order details and balances, Boomer represents the book of record.
What is the implementation and training process?
Once you decide to implement Boomer Commerce®, we’ll work with you to set up product price lists and configure your storefront. The process is straightforward and is done all via telephone and the web. Full online documentation is provided including brief videos that walk you step-by-step through key tasks.)
How secure is my data and my customers' credit card information?
Boomer's hosting environment at Colospace is PCI-compliant data center. Boomer Commerce® 3.X has been validated as a PA-DSS application by the PCI Security Standards Council. Visit the PCI Security Standard Council web site to see our official listing. PCI certification against the latest standard is very important -- to you, your customers and your merchant bank.
What kind of technology was used to develop Boomer Commerce®?
Boomer is developed using Microsoft’s ASP.NET and SQL Server database engine. Programming is in .NET C# (C-sharp), HTML, JavaScript, and Transact SQL (the language of SQL Server). The database has been designed and configured for performance and scalability. Reports use Microsoft Reporting Services.

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